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There’s no doubt about it: ShootQ is a powerful tool that can transform your business. But even with free one-on-one training and group webinars, finding time to integrate them into your studio’s unique workflow can be a challenge. So we’ve created a “do it for me” solution –the ACE program. View Services » | Meet the AC Es »

Custom ACE Consultation

ACEs are certified experts. They’re seasoned users of ShootQ and have been trained, tested and certified at headquarters. Your ACE can implement and optimize ShootQ for you, or help you remove the roadblocks holding up your implementation. See What ACEs Can Do »

Not a ShootQ Member?

ShootQ helps professional photographers thrive and grow. It frees up your time and boosts your revenues so you can focus on what you love — capturing great images! What Can ShootQ Do For Me? »

What People Are Saying

I was so busy working in my business, that I had no time to work *ON* my business. I needed help optimizing my ShootQ account and I needed it fast. Within a week, my ShootQ ACE had me all set up and ready to throw away every last one of those haunting post-it notes.

My ACE Consultant walked me through every step with personalized guidance, specific to my studio. We entered my products and pricing and created packages. We worked through the meticulous process of setting up detailed workflows (which I am in love with). We also created template emails and questionnaires. Once we had all of my studio’s information plugged in, she walked me through the in’s and out’s of my ShootQ dashboard, equipping me with the knowledge and tools to optimize my business’ efficiency.

ACE Consulting Options

Choose from three pre-packaged consulting options below that best fits your needs and request a consultation with an ACE. Meet the ACEs »


  • $999

  • This option is great for those who want a more customized setup of ShootQ by a consultant. Setup will be based on the recommended standard practices for your studio type, and include custom setup based on studio practices. Following setup, there will be 4 hours of ShootQ familiarization consulting via webinar.
  • Up to 10 hour ShootQ consultant setup time
  • Up to 4 hours familiarization consultation time
  • Custom email, workflow, and questionnaire setup
  • Up to 15 client input
  • Logos & Branding setup
  • Pricing input & Public pricing page
  • Basic email, workflow, questionnaire setup
  • Merchant account and invoicing setup
  • Calendar integration
  • Contact form integration

  • $499

  • This option is great for those who want most of the bits and pieces of ShootQ setup by a consultant. Setup will be based on the recommended standard practices for your studio type. Following setup, there will be 3 hours of ShootQ familiarization consulting via webinar.
  • Up to 5 hour ShootQ consultant setup time
  • Up to 3 hours familiarization consultation time
  • Up to 5 client input
  • Logos & Branding setup
  • Pricing input & Public pricing page
  • Basic email, workflow, questionnaire setup
  • Merchant account and invoicing setup
  • Calendar integration
  • Contact form integration

  • $199

  • A great option for those who have set up a lot of their ShootQ account and are looking for Q&A on specific areas.
  • 2 hours webinar consulting

Meet the ShootQ ACEs

Every ACE is a successful professional photographer and a trained, certified expert in ShootQ. Take a moment to get to know them and pick an ACE that’s right for you.

Select an ACE below and sign up for a consultation today:

Joey Aszterbaum

In June of 2009 I retired from being a hotshot mortgage loan officer in order to live a life more in line with my passion and values. Today I am the office manager and co-photographer (with my wife) for Jolynne Photography. I’m also a part-time worship leader at our church, completing my degree at Hope International University, and homeschool my four kids with Jolynne…PHEW!

The way I built my mortgage business was through contact management and by consulting real estate agents in how to grow their business using sales and marketing strategies along with great technology. When I joined my wife’s photography biz, ShootQ allowed us to make photography our primary income within months. I’ve always enjoyed helping other people succeed and bring that passion for building up others to my consulting.

Favorite thing to do while ShootQ is working for me: I am training my kids to be movie snobs and philosophy nerds like their dad! I love encouraging them in their own gifts of music, art, gymnastics and general making-believe. Jolynne and I love Thai food and going to the movies, and she plans on expanding our portrait clientele to include a new demographic: bears.

Brody Dezember

Salt Lake City, UT


Brody is a Utah native, but dreams of living someplace in Montana. There is something about the rivers and mountains that makes him love there.

He stepped into photography when he was an early teen and has loved photographing everything from landscapes to some of the most outrageous weddings all over the country. Over the past 8 years he has grown his business to being on of the most sought after studios in Utah, but it hasn’t always been easy. In the beginning he worked overnight shifts at a retail job and spent the days in the studio’s first location in Roy. It wasn’t until the birth of his one and only son that finally made him realize that photography was what he wanted to do with his life.

Sarah Esther

Sarah is a photographer based in Atlanta. Her portfolio includes work in weddings, boudoir, and documentary portraiture. She began her career as a hobby in college and soon fell in love with creating images. Knowing that she wanted to make a business out of photography, Sarah began seeking out teachers to help give her the knowledge and experience she needed to succeed. She was mentored for 2 years before starting on her own, and owes her success to those that were kind enough to be annoyed by her questions.

From the beginning, Sarah has been a witness to the importance that personal teaching and training can have on a business. She signed up with ShootQ when her business experienced unexpected growth, and was taught by a developer how to make the program work for her business. ShootQ has allowed her to focus on large quantities of clients while retaining the integrity of her small business. She believes that each business is different, and shouldn’t subscribe to a set formula of how to run. She loves ShootQ because it is fully customizable to the way a business runs, and loves to show others how they can still be themselves, only better.

Favorite Thing to Do While ShootQ Works for Her: I love to travel, it doesn’t even have to be someplace exotic, I just love new places and people. I enjoy watching complete TV series on Netflix (currently exploring Breaking Bad), drinking red wine, having a beer on the patio with friends, catching concerts, and having game nights with friends.

Paul McNerney

Hartford, CT


Paul McNerney is a Connecticut based wedding and boudoir photographer. It all started at the University of Connecticut, when he became disenchanted with his pre-vet studies and ventured over to the art department to do something he always loved, photography!

It is their Paul met is wife Krystal and a beautiful life together started. Paul and Krystal started Studio Foto LLC in the basement of a frame shop in 1999. They quickly learned they really enjoyed photographing weddings, High School Seniors and children and their business took off. In 2003 Paul and Krystal bought a commercial building in the center of Stafford Springs with the dreams of opening a large studio, after extensive reconstruction they moved in March of 2007. Because of his interest in technical things Paul brought Studio Foto in to the digital market in 2006 with the advent of the Canon D30 and they never looked back. Paul and Krystal enjoyed owning and operating a successful studio and were always looking to grow their business. They were then introduced to a brand new group of photographers (PUG ) who wanted to start a group that allowed sharing and growth within the industry. Paul and Krystal remember how competitive and lonely the past years have been so they quickly jumped at the opportunity to help others and share some of their knowledge. It was then that Paul noticed people needing help organizing and managing their digital files so he started the DAM Workshops, a one on one in-studio training and studio set up service. Pulling from my super science ìlabî oriented schooling I love to use the latest technology to make my life easier, something that keeps track of our stuff;) I have tried 2 other studio management solutions and lets just say I have settled on and love ShootQ.

Favorite thing to do while ShootQ is working for me: Spend time with Krystal and our new baby Penelope:) I also love to rock climb, ice climb, kayak, scuba dive, watch movies, socialize, network, cook, remodel our home, shop, argue;) and just be me!

Kate Passaro

Rockland, MA


I am a New Englander through and through. I can smell incoming snow and estimate remaining light with my hands. (It’s a cool trick, ask me about it.) I’m a computer programmer in my other life, and wear the “weekend warrior” tag proudly.

As a problem solver by nature, I wasn’t happy with shuffling papers and hard-copy contracts mailed back and forth between clients. And the nagging feeling that something was scheduled, or a payment was due drove me crazy. I jumped on ShootQ and couldn’t be happier with the improvements made to my time management and record keeping.

I understand the need for an end-to-end customer management solution like ShootQ when you don’t have the full 40 hours to devote to your photography business. Because of this, I make use of automated workflows and other key components of ShootQ. I also understand the need for off-hour assistance – so I’m available for ACE meetings nighttime and weekends.

With the time I save using ShootQ – I love reading books with pretty covers, pretending to be a jogger, singing too loudly to music in inappropriate places and using far too many exclamation marks.

Maureen Sullivan

Longmeadow, MA


Maureen Sullivan joins the ACE team after spending over 10 years with a studio management software company, traveling and teaching management practices to photographers and studio managers around the country. As an established professional photographer, she came to ShootQ over 2 years ago when she found she needed a modern, mobile application to manage her business. Maureen enjoys teaching photographers how to implement systems that will allow them to automate tasks, streamline workflow and stay organized, resulting in less time in front of the computer and more time behind the camera.

A graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design who holds a BFA in photography, Maureen’s creative passion and innovative eye led her to New York after college, where she represented commercial and fashion photographers, developing her business acumen. She traded the hectic city life of New York for the enormous open skies and beautiful weather of Colorado and she and her dog, Sasha, made a home there. She quickly built a clientele with Sullivan Studios, photographing both weddings and families. Her clients have commented that her light-hearted humor and down-to-earth fun energy relaxes those around her, which has yielded unique images and satisfied clients.

Ultimately, Maureen longed to return to the east coast and has recently relocated back to Massachusetts after a decade in Colorado. Thanks to ShootQ, Maureen’s business is thriving in Massachusetts, and New York, where she also works, and she maintains her beloved outdoor lifestyle by spending as much time hiking in the Berkshires with her beautiful daughter, Emma, and their dog, Blue.


Get Ready, Get Setup and Go!

The ACE program is dedicated to integrating ShootQ into your business so that you can hit the ground running!

Is there an additional fee for ACE services??

Yes. The ACE’s are individual consultants that you can hire to fully set up your account. The ACE program is a premium consulting service with consultants that are certified by ShootQ to empower individual members of the ShootQ Community to use the software more effectively in their business. Your ACE consultant will help you setup ShootQ and implement best business and workflow practices to optimize your business’ efficiency. Meet the ACEs » If you’re interested in our free training offerings, check out our Help Hub.

What areas of setup will be covered in my ACE consultation for ShootQ??

The main setup areas covered by your ACE consultant are:

  • configuring your logo, colors, contact form, etc.
  • best practices for inputting your products and packages.
  • optimizing your ShootQ account so it’s your daily dashboard.
  • delving into workflows – what are they and how can you utilize them?
  • addressing common problems and questions
  • daily use – billing, booked shoot management, understanding analytics.
How does ACE consulting work??

The ACE consultants are here to help you setup your ShootQ account quickly, easily, and with full-functionality for your business. The ACEs have been working with the application since it’s early stages, and are familiar with multiple business models. An ACE consultant aims to setup your account by:

    • Learning more about your business model and processes through questionnaires and phone consultations.
    • Populating your pricing, contrats, emails, workflows, and questionnaires based on your provided information and best practices.
    • Familiarizing you with how the application will work with your new system via online webinar.
What are the perks of an ACE consulting session??

You’ll get great perks such as:

  • Having your ACE do the initial setup and input for you.
  • Expert advice from photographers who have set up multiple types of business models.
  • Implementation of best practices.
Who will be working with me??

ACE consultants are independent consultants who are also photographers and actual ShootQ members. They know how to make the most of the software and have been trained on best practices and tips. They’re your colleagues and consultants who want to see your business succeed. Meet the ACEs »

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!