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The Power of the “Parent Book”

One of the things we do at Pictage is a LOT of testing, which allows us to gain insights like these: 1) You sell more prints when customers view full size vs. thumbnails 2) Site background color (black or white) has no impact on sales 3) Folders have a MAJOR impact on sales Recently we completed a test designed to sell more coffee table books to parents. Here is what we found… During the January coffee table book promotion we changed the words “Coffee table book” to say “Parent Book” on half the marketing emails to parents.  We were able to easily identify parents because every visitor must indicate their relationship to the event.  From this data we can target marketing messages to specific types of guests

Ask & Learn today with Robert Evans

Please join us for this week’s Ask and Learn with Robert Evans, Live on the Forums today, February 11th, 4pm – 6pm Pacific Time. Session Topic: “Time to play on the wedding day ” Robert will cover how to get better images on the wedding day by getting couples to see each other 3 hours prior to the ceremony for photos, as well as educating photographers on how to avoid all the obstacles that seem to cut into their photography timeline (i.e., late family members, makeup artists, and hair people, and overall bad planning). The result is more time to be creative and capture better images on the wedding day. Do you shoot what you want, or do you get what you get? Robert has

Speaker Spotlight – Rob Evans

Robert Evans will be speaking on “Time to Play On the Wedding Day.” What are the top 3 things you want attendees to take from your presentation? 1. I want my attendees to see that it is possible to create a schedule that is conducive to capturing great images on the wedding day, all prior to the ceremony. 2. I want my attendees  to learn how to educate their clients on how to run on time in order to maximize their talents and time to the fullest on the wedding day. 3. I want my attendees to understand that it is their responsibility to make sure they set themselves up for success on the wedding day. Do you shoot what you want. or do you shoot what you

Ask & Learn Wednesday with Justin & Mary Marantz

Session Topic: Spread The Love – The Power of PUG Photographers who once viewed each other as competition have quickly become one another’s greatest allies, support team and referral network. Above all else, they have become friends. Leaders of the Connecticut group, Mary & Justin will talk about the top ten ways you can energize your own community to get the most out of your PUG. Whether you lead a group, are a long-time member, or have never even been to a meeting, this session will leave you feeling amped-up to take your community, and your business, to the next level. More than a feeling, that’s the power of PUG! Bio: Justin & Mary Marantz Justin & Mary own one of the fastest growing studios

Ask & Learn Wednesday with Travis Broxton

Session Topic: “I Don’t Know How You Do It!” – Five figure weddings with zero employees and plenty of free time Travis will touch on running a boutique wedding photography studio and catering to a high end clientele with zero employees. He will discuss how he manages to get everything done on a timely basis and continues to exceed his clients’ expectations. Not only are his clients happy, but they’re in love with the pictures and product he delivers to them. With a willingness to spread the word, Travis’ clients are his biggest marketing evangelists. Learn how Travis avoids workaholicism and manages to keep a date night with his wife, attend fitness classes, and have “a life!” Bio:Travis Broxton Picking up his first “real” camera

Ask & Learn Today with Lauren Hillary

Topic: “Get Published” Lauren will guide you through the steps of getting your work published by industry and wedding publications nationwide. She will touch on each step from making industry contacts, choosing the images that editors look for, getting them ready for publication, writing up a story to grab the editor’s attention and delivering your final submission in a dazzling way. Bio: Lauren Hillary’s style balances the Fine Art of Photography with Wedding Photojournalism. With an extensive background in Fine art and Fashion Photography, Lauren’s style has a distinctive and classic, artistic and photojournalistic look which captures the true emotions and personalities of her clients. Her approach is best described as natural and relaxed with a fashion flare. Lauren’s work has been published worldwide and

Liana Lehman Tip – Make BHAGs!

Every week we are bringing you new tips from some of our top photographers and PUG leaders. A big Thanks and we love you goes out to Cinematic Studios for the filming and production of these clips! What types of goals do you have for your business? Liana Lehman will tell you her goal setting process and why making goals larger than life will help you to succeed! Liana lives in Atlanta, GA where she operates Liana Photography. She is not only a well-known wedding photojournalist, but has started up Banana’s edu as well! Her two business degrees have led her to own and operate an extremely successful photography business, which just happens to be one of her obsessions. Liana also happens to be our

Follow us on Twitter!

Here at Pictage, we love to know all we can about our members. One great way to do that is through Twitter.com! Twitter asks one simple question, “What are you doing?” You can answer that question online or from your phone and you have the choice of following other Twitter members. Everyday we log-in to what over 50 of our Pictage members are doing, like Jeff Youngren is “So stoked for Matt and Kristy’s e session today at angel stadium! it is going to rock!” and Mike Steelman is “[at the] Pug San jose! Hotseat tonight…finally over. I passed, I think :)” Check us out: twitter.com/pictageblog We can’t wait to hear what you are doing!  We have 49 followers right now, are you one of

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The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!