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How to Make One Kid’s Year by Just Taking a Picture

Jane Goodrich has a simple question: “Can I actually make one kid’s year just by taking a picture?” Turns out she can – and you can help too, by supporting her work and sick children who need us. Jane loves photographing children so much, she’s made a career of it. She specializes in portraiture of newborns and children. And as an identical twin herself, she particularly enjoys making images of twins. (Turns out parents of twins are often reluctant to have a photo session, fearing it’ll be twice as crazy as regular studio appointments; Jane makes house calls to help simplify things for families.) Lately, though, she’s engaged in a project that has become almost as dear to her heart as her DNA-matching sister. Jane

Inside Jim Jordan’s Black Box.

I’ve always had a passion for beauty. In high school, I spent my days in Southern California scouting the next ‘great faces’ of my generation. I would find new models, offer to do their hair and make up, and then take pictures of them that I tucked away in an 11×14 black box. My career then launched as a celebrity hair and make-up artist. I traveled the world working with supermodels, actors and actresses such as Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and Farrah Fawcett. That gave me behind-the- scenes experience with highly respected photographers, watching their every move and observing their techniques. One of my clients was the owner of JCrew. We got talking one day while I was doing her hair and she

Pictage Podcast – Simon Anderson

This week on the podcast Sara heads to the Pictage headquarters for a conversation with Chief Marketing Officer, Simon Anderson. Simon shares tips on innovative ways for photographers to maximize their profits and provides specific ideas and suggestions on: Creating customized pricing and packages Unique approaches to build business through referrals Maximizing the value and usage of your blog, slideshows and online marketing channels The nuances of up-selling and more…. Simon also shares details about new and upcoming Pictage products and services, including future integration with other online platforms. Powered by Podbean.com

WPPI Interview with Brian Friedman – Full Time Job Transitions

As part of our WPPI video interview series, we have a great conversation with Brian Friedman about how he has transitioned from having a full time job to being a full time photographer working from home. Brian shares how his daily routine while at his full time job helped him make that transition, as well as develop into the photographer he is today.   Brian Friedman Interview from Pictage Films on Vimeo.

Jay Goldman on Client Relationships

Tune in as Los Angeles photographer Jay Goldman walks you through the experience that his clients receive before, after and during the wedding. WPPI Interview with Jay Goldman (Client Relationships) from Pictage Films on Vimeo. We couldn’t resist adding some behind the scenes footage on this one.  Thank you Jay for the laugh! If you this doesn’t ring a bell check out the inspiration. Jay Goldman Old Spice from Pictage Films on Vimeo.

Tips and Tricks for Children’s Portrait Session

I have been photographing kids for close to 7 years now. With each year that passes, my love for photographing children grows stronger. Believe me, when I first started though, my photoshoots with children felt completely out of control and I felt totally worn out because the kiddos were literally running circles around me. I couldn’t even get them to sit still for one quick shot, let alone get them to have a sweet natural smile towards the camera. Well… that all changed once I learned to work “with” the little ones and find techniques to get them to do what I wanted them to do without them even realizing it! Below are some things you can do to make your shoot go smoother. First

Photography business chat with Mike Adrian

We’re so happy with and thankful for the video content that we got while at WPPI this past week and can’t wait to share them all with you! This first interview is with Mike Adrian, Hawaii based Wedding Photographer and Hawaii PUG Leader. In this interview he talks about how he has grown his business so fast and shares tips for new and developing photographers. Please note: Some of our WPPI videos were recorded live and run from about 10-20 minutes, but have some great tips and tricks to help photographers.  We suggest you take a seat, relax, and enjoy!

How to Prepare for WPPI – Q&A

So, who better to give advice to Erin and other photographers who are wanting to know how to get the most out of the best show in the industry? The interview below is the product of Erin’s questions and Skip’s answers and advice. This is the first of a series between Skip’s blog and ours featuring Skip and Erin as they go through the WPPI process together. Don’t forget to comment below with any questions or advice. Enjoy! We look forward to seeing you at WPPI. Erin Saldana: What sort of atmosphere, characteristics (and really anything else) can I expect from an experience at WPPI this year? Skip Cohen: Year after year WPPI is about energy and that’s probably what will hit you first. It

Pictage User Group Spotlight- Sonoma/Napa

Spread the love, join a PUG. Pictage User Groups are designed to facilitate communication and education among professional photographers on a regional level around the nation. There are over 55 PUGs located across the United States and in Canada. PUG meetings are open to both Pictage and non-Pictage members and are a great resource for professional photographers to network and grow. In our attempt to get photographers connected to local PUGs, we are featuring Pictage User Group Spotlights. In each spotlight post we will get to know the PUG through the PUG leader. We would like you to meet Megan Clouse of Megan Clouse Photography, Pictage User Group (PUG) leader in Sonoma and Napa. In the interview shown below, hear from Megan herself, what she loves about

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The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!