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What ONE THING Will You Change?

Now that 2012 has come to a close, hopefully you had some much needed  reflection and R&R and are ready to dive headfirst into 2013. When you think about your successes and mistakes over the past year, are there things you wish you’d done differently? Probably. But that’s the beauty of a new year – it’s a fresh start! To get you started, we asked YOU to share ONE THING you’ll do differently in 2013. Every week, we’ll be spotlighting one photographer and the ONE THING that they’re doing differently this coming year. What will you change? Here’s what wedding photographers Jen & Ashley said:   About the Author Jen + Ashley are a two-woman wedding photographer team specializing in modern, fresh, and timeless wedding images. Ashley

The Art of the Partnership: Clearly Defined Roles

Today we’re talking about something that we quite frankly didn’t do well for a long time. When we started, we didn’t have mentors, or anyone in our position to approach for advice, so we pretty much forged ahead the best way we knew how, which meant that we made a lot of mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes we made was never sitting down to clearly define our roles within the business. We both were trying to be and do a little of everything, which led to neither of us being able to: A) do anything to the best of our ability, or B) really learn what we were GOOD at and exploit that. That also led to confusion and frustration because depending on the

Content Marketing, Social Media & Blogs: It’s About More than Pretty Pictures

There’s a lot of talk about the impact blogging and social media have on running a successful photography business. While there are many valid opinions, we’ve chosen to focus a large portion of our effort into maintaining an active blog and a strong social media presence for our business. And although I’d love to say that all we have to do is post pretty pictures and watch our readership skyrocket, that’s simply not the case. Heck, even my best friends tell me that they “rarely” look at our recent session posts! So, how do we engage people with our work, but continue engaging them enough to keep coming back?  By making them take an interest in US.  Now, that might sound self-serving, but hear me out. When we

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!