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Happy Clients Mean Happy Holidays- Part 2

Promotions Must Make Business Sense Yesterday, we discussed how to identify the holiday promotions that fit for your clients. Just as important as knowing who your clients are and what makes them happy, is ensuring your promotions make business sense. Identifying products and services that make sense for your clients is a great starting point, but the decision process doesn’t end there. It’s important to not only consider products and services that appeal to your clients, but also products that will bring the most value to your business. Here are four questions to guide you through creating holiday promotions that will both appeal to your clients and provide value to your business: What resources do you need in order to provide these promotions to your

5 Popular Posts You Might Have Missed!

Today we’re taking a look back at some of the most popular posts published on The Photo Life to date. Check them out to make sure you didn’t miss any the first time they were published. From boudoir to better lighting, these posts are full of helpful tips and tricks for professional photographers. If you saw them the first time around, they’re worth a second look! You might even find a new nugget of information. Enjoy! 1. If Everyone’s a Photographer, What Makes us so Different? by Spencer Lum “The question in the modern age isn’t who is a photographer. It’s who isn’t a photographer? And what makes us different? Here’s what’s NOT the answer: Professionals don’t get better bokeh, sharper shots, luminous light, cleaner composition, and

The Perks and Pitfalls of Getting Published

**Great news! We’re hard at work updating this guide and will be re-releasing it shortly. In the meantime, check out The Photo Life Social Media Guide!** Photographers everywhere are talking about getting published. How to do it, what magazines to submit to, and “secrets” to getting an “in” with editors are all popular discussions. BEFORE YOU JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON… And start spending valuable time trying to get published, it’s important to understand why! WHAT’S INSIDE Reasons to get published Shooting and workflow tips for getting published Keys to leveraging relationships with publications What editors want Tips for streamlining the submission process

The Top 5 Photography Podcasts

It’s 98 degrees and your couch is calling your name. Since summer is keeping you inside or in your air-conditioned car, we’ve compiled the Best Photography Podcasts to keep you out of the heat wave! So, grab a cold drink and tune into these episodes that are sure to entertain and inspire you! 1. From the White House to Weddings Go behind-the-scenes with White House Photographers Paul Morse and Ralph Alswang to hear how years documenting the President of the United States paved the way to successful studios specializing in weddings. This incredible interview was part of The Photo Life’s launch and it has become a classic, must-listen lesson for all professional photographers. 2. Building Your Boudoir Photography Business Get a glimpse into the infectiously energetic

Senior Portraits are HOT, but Should Seniors Look “HOT?”

They’re tuned into trends, they’re savvy social media players and they’ve got their parents’ pocketbooks! Ok, so there’s more to this unique market than those traits, but nobody can dispute this fact: Senior Portraits continue to grow in popularity. The Senior market is expanding as teenagers continue to connect with photographers who can create unique portraits of them and their friends. Since Spring is officially Senior Portrait Season, we’re sharing a series of posts about this growing genre of photography. In this case, the topic may stir up some strong opinions. The above images depict a senior portrait from the 1950s and a senior portrait of Sydney Spies, the Colorado student who sparked national debate. Her image appeared in media ranging from broadcast news to

Best Business Practices – Part 7

Spring is here, so we’re sharing a series of Best Business Practice posts featuring the team of ACEs and select photographers who have integrated ShootQ and Pictage into their studios. Get to know these fantastic folks and learn tips and tricks that will streamline your studio and help you conquer busy season! Today’s profile is Ashley Davis, above, owner and principal photographer at Ashley Davis Photography. As a professional photographer, Ashley seeks the human experience – authentic, organic, fresh – and a real connection with her subject. She photographs weddings and portraits across the country. When not shooting, you can find her hiking, gardening, or doing yoga in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado with her husband and dog. Q. How long have you been using ShootQ?  A. Five months. Q. What were you using to manage

Best Business Practices – Part 6

Spring is here, so we’re sharing a series of Best Business Practice posts featuring the team of ACEs and select photographers who have integrated ShootQ and Pictage into their studios. Get to know these fantastic folks and learn tips and tricks that will streamline your studio and help you conquer busy season! Today’s profile is Denise Birdsong, above, owner and principal photographer at Modern Love Photography. Denise’s studio specializes in weddings, beauty and boudoir with the goal of creating gorgeous evocative imagery. Q. How long have you been using ShootQ?  A. I’ve been using ShootQ for about two years. Q. What were you using to manage your business before ShootQ?  A. Shoe strings and some band aids. Really, nothing and it was a mess! Q. What prompted you to move over to ShootQ? A. Being the most disorganized person on the planet, when

“Range of Light” – The Power of Personal Projects in Timelapse!

Imagine spending years on a personal project. That’s exactly what photographer Shawn Reeder did to produce his spectacular time lapse film featuring the grand wonders of Yosemite National Park. A true example of patience, persistence and passion, Reeder’s five-minute film is composed of nearly 7,000 unique photographs. Expansive, explosive, energetic and enlightening are all words that leap to mind when viewing Reeder’s “Range of Light.” In fact, it’s less about viewing and more about experiencing. By examining Yosemite in such deep detail, with each changing glint of light or hint of shade, Reeder produced a visual poem. It’s appropriate that the film’s title ties in John Muir’s legacy. Each individual photograph in Reeder’s film, strung together masterfully, completely conveys Muir’s sentiments, “Nature is ever at

The Power of Personal Projects – Part III

The question deserves to be asked again: Are you balancing work that fills your bank account with work that fills your soul? In the first two posts in this series, we heard firsthand from Dan Milnor and Dave Wittig about the power of personal projects.  In Dan’s case, a desire to pursue personal projects changed the trajectory of his career. Dave, on the other hand, discovered how personal portrait projects infuse his commissioned wedding work with passion and insight. If you’re facing burnout, boredom or just a nagging feeling of “stuckness,” then maybe you need to embark on a personal project? So how do you start? First, you’ll need an idea. What interests you? What challenges you? What inspires you? What enrages you? Seek stories or

Five Steps to Powerful Portraits

Within every man and woman a secret is hidden, and as a photographer it is my task to reveal it if I can. – Yousuf Karsh It can be as simple as a photographer, a subject and a window. Or it can be as complex as a photographer, an art director, an entourage of assistants, a gaggle of stylists and multiple strobes. Portraiture, in its varied forms, is one of the most powerful genres of photography. Perhaps it’s because humans love staring at each other? Perhaps it’s because creativity and curiosity go hand-in-hand? Regardless, humans seem hard-wired to engage with compelling portraits. Since Spring’s seasonal shoots are often fueled by portraits, lifestyle shoots and engagement sessions, we wanted to share some words and images that

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The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!