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Keys to A Successful Client Consultation

It’s intimidating!  The very first time you sit down across a table from a potential client.  ‘Will they like me?!’  Trust me, I understand.  I also understand that the client consultation can be the most important interaction you have with a client.  It sets the tone and direction for the entire relationship – so here’s a few things that might help the next time you meet with a client. 1. Consider Your Environment. Where do you meet with clients?  It might seem like such a small detail, but where you meet with clients is one of the most important aspects of your client meeting.  It dictates the very first impression your client will have, and first impressions matter. It seems that photographers are sort of

Tips for Storytelling

I am not a photojournalist. I am not a traditional wedding photographer. I actually don’t really claim any particular genre at all. When it comes to wedding photography, I am sort of a jack of all trades. But I try to be the best jack that I can possibly be. I will never be the best photojournalist out there. I will never be the finest at portraits or fashion or architecture or details. Someone who specializes will be the best at those things. And do you know what, I’m very okay with not being the best. But do you know what I am? Pretty darn decent at most of those things. And I think that this has been the simple key to my success. Consistency

Online Educational Resources — Adorama Learning Center

We’ve had the opportunity to work closely with the team over at Adorama on some rewarding projects recently.  In particular, we’ve benefitted from Adorama’s generous support of our national Lens & Learn program, and their commitment to community and education. A great resource we want to share with all of you is the Adorama Learning Center.  If you haven’t already, be sure to check out all the online and in-person educational content for professional photographers. Specifically, you’ll find in-depth how-to articles, tutorials, product reviews, buying guides and contests…all accessible free of charge. One of our favorite content sources within the Learning Center is Adorama TV, featuring new episodes on a daily basis where you can learn all about camera techniques, tips & tricks and reviews

Top Ten Tips for Posing

When the Community Team asked me to start blogging about posing, my first thought was….”huh, I don’t know anything about posing.” And then I started my top ten list for posing tips and I realized that I had over 20. Oops. So maybe I do know a thing or two, but after 8 years some things start to become so second nature that you don’t realize you’re doing them. So don’t worry, if you find this to be challenging, it does get easier with practice. So before I jump right in, I want to define what I consider posing to be. And it has very little to do with the chin being tilted just so or the fingers on the hand being spread a particular

How to be a Great Second Shooter [Weddings]

How to Be a Great Second Shooter 1. Shoot 50/50 – 50% of your shoots should be in the style of classic, traditional photography. Capture all the key moments of the day. Remember to shoot safe and smart. Pick a safe ISO and F/stop to get that shot. You are not going for art here, you are going for documentation of the day. The photos you take may never see the light of day but they have to be there in case of an emergency. If the main photographer happens to lose images due to a failed card, theft or computer problems, your shots are now playing 1st swing. 2. Shoot the other 50% in the mode that you’re going to compose the best photographs

Wedding Wonders

From Justin and Mary Marantz: Sometimes in life you get a freebie. A ‘show up and shoot and everything’s perfect’ kind of gift from the universe, and all you have to do is remember to say thank you. THAT was the kind of day that we had with Angela & Andrew. Everything was perfect, from the location to the light, the theme, and the couple. The day went perfectly and fit perfectly. It was the kind of wedding where you can shoot for 16 hours before you realize that you’re even tired. Because it’s easy and fun and there is beauty everywhere you look. It is at a wedding like this, that you are reminded why it is exactly that you have the best job

Why Clients Need a Wedding Album

As a Pictage photographer, one of the greatest values Pictage brings your company is the ability to drive increased revenue.  In our business, one of the best ways we’ve found to add value to both our business and to our clients, is through the sale of albums.  An album is a finished piece of art that communicates the clients’ wedding story in a way that nothing else can.  Using the Pictage Album Designer – as well as the many album and book options that Pictage offers is a great way to build your business and add value to your clients. Educating clients on the value of an album is one of the first steps towards building a valuable part of a wedding photography business.  Here’s

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The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!