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Super ShootQ Membership

Super ShootQ Member Offer

We are offering our ShootQ Super Member Program ONE LAST TIME to reward long-time users of ShootQ.

When you take advantage of the  Super ShootQ member program, you will NOT have to pay the monthly subscription fee ever again. This will start right away AND it will include all add-ons (mini-session module is coming in a few weeks!)

This is a reward and a thank you for sticking with ShootQ for so many years.

If you are a HUB or STUDIO level subscription, the functionality for multiple brands and workflows will be added in Q1 2018. You will be able to use the new system and you will love it but I wanted to be upfront about that functionality.

See below for a look at some of our re-engineered functionality and pricing on the Super ShootQ member program.

Mini-Session Module is here and fully integrated!

Mini Session Module

The brand new Mini-Session and Workshop module are here!  We have built a fully integrated session booking engine that will allow you to email your client list or post on social media and sit back while your clients book their sessions with you.  Sessions can be set for 15, 30, 45, 1hr, or 2 hr time slots.  Fill your calendar month after month without the hassle or back and forth of phone calls or emails.   This is a truly awesome time saving module, free for all Super Account purchasers.

Proposals sent in minutes? YES!

The entire proposal area will be so much cleaner.  You will actually be able to edit and resend a proposal without having to redo the entire thing from scratch.  You will be able to save all of your settings as a template and coming this summer, you will be able to send template proposals from your mobile device!

More Professional Client Facing Pages

You and your clients are going to LOVE the new Client facing portal.  Your client will be able to view all kinds of information, pay invoices, change information and more.  Your business will be represented much more professional.  Never again will you have to explain a work around to your client.

A Calendar that works like you do

Better functionality with integrating calendars and viewing your calendar on your mobile is coming soon as well.

If you are ready to secure your Super ShootQ Membership . . . Please click on the level you are purchasing. You will log in like a NEW user, not with your ShootQ user name.

Important Membership descriptions–

Super ShootQ Status is defined as using the ShootQ system at no additional cost as long as we offer the product (ShootQ) and or remain in business operating ShootQ.

Simply Color Lab’s Simply Cash can only be used on REGULARLY priced products.  You may use your ShootQ Member Regular Discounts of up to 40% off at any time but you cannot combine them with other offers and/or your Simply Cash Credit.. Products offered by Simply Color and/or Products available to be purchased with you ShootQ Member Discount are subject to change at Simply Color’s discretion.

Please email support with any questions.

Additional Legal  Information about what you are purchasing:
This Payment is to continue the ability to access the ShootQ System and replaces the monthly fee as arranged previously. Included in this one-time fee is the access to the ShootQ System as well as any future system upgrades that may take place during the duration of the program. This one-time fee terminates the prior agreement monthly billing effective immediately and is a special offer for Super ShootQ Members Only. A Super ShootQ member is considered to belong to the personal name or business name used to sign up for prior existing account (that may be different than the billing information).
You may not share, sell, or transfer this access to any other members within the organization. Once you have paid this one-time fee, while you can cancel your account any time in the future, you cannot receive any refunds for any fees you have paid thus far. This Super ShootQ Member offer is only to support and access to the ShootQ product that you are currently using or any enhancements or upgrades that might take place within the product. Any additional Specials, Offers, or Lab Offers will be offered at an additional charge to this purchase and are not included in this one-time fee.

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!