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Bigger is Better: Tips for Selling Large Canvases & Albums!

When it comes to selling canvases and albums, bigger can be better.

A large canvas – or a collection – makes a great statement piece. When a client wants to fill their home with personal art, there is no better way to go than large canvases hung in predominant locations. Imagine a pair of 20×30’s hung side by side in an entry foyer, for example!

“Planting Sales Seeds” Pre-Shoot

I always plant the seed for this concept prior to the sales session so your client has time to consider a large-scale piece in her home and the investment  involved.

A planning session prior to the shoot is the perfect time to make product suggestions. In addition to discussing the session itself, you can let the client know that you create custom products for every client. For example, if you are creating a large canvas to hang above a client’s couch, then you’ll know to create horizontal images of their family groupings.

You can also ask about your client’s décor, colors of the living room, and suggest clothing choices to match the room’s style. Now, you are truly creating a custom-made art piece for the client’s home!

Albums with Design Impact will Impact Sales

When selling albums, I recommend that my clients purchase a standard credit toward 20-30 pages to start and then, I pre-design a “complete design.”

This allows them to personally see the entire storyline and choose the pages they want to keep. By pre-designing the album for them, I am able to show how a single gorgeous image on a page can be far more visually impactful than cramming ten random images on a page!

Often clients won’t choose an image of the wedding dress hanging or the bouquet alone because they don’t understand how important those detail images are in storytelling. However, when they see a complete design, it makes sense to them!

I typically design anywhere from 10-30 extra pages depending on the wedding. Because clients are educated throughout the process, this does not come as a big surprise financially, and there’s no pressure to buy extra pages, but most of my clients actually do. For extra-extraordinary weddings, I will design a multi-volume set and allow clients to make payments on it. We reserve these for clients who can afford it and would enjoy a multi-volume album to highlight all the delightful events of their once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience. These clients often end up purchasing duplicate sets for the parents as well. It’s a win-win!

Digging Deeper

Interested in taking these tips a step farther? Check out these easy-to-implement systems for Add-On Sales. Remember that planting the seeds for sales is just as important as the products you offer!

About Lara White
Lara White is the founder of PhotoMint an educational and business development resource for photographers. Prior to her career in photography, Lara spent many years in non-profit executive management, raising millions for literacy programs, victims of domestic violence and other charitable projects for underserved populations. She transferred many of the skills and practices that made her successful in the non-profit sector, helping her manage and grow a thriving wedding photography studio with a team of six. Her studio’s images have appeared in over 70 publications worldwide. Her heart to help others has led her to “pay it forward” and utilize her success in business to help you build the strongest photography business possible.
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!