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How Pinterest Can Help You Maximize Your Brand

We spend our days helping photographers build stronger, sustainable brands. Part of our process is helping companies maintain consistency across all online platforms. These include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, websites, blogs and, yes, even Pinterest! As a business owner, everything you put on the web affects the perception people have of you.

Here’s how Pinterest can help you maximize your brand:   

Build Brand Consistency A common missed opportunity for brands across social media platforms is the ability to deliver a clear, consistent message. Pinterest is no exception. Consider it an extension of your brand. Your boards should:

  • Reflect your style as a photographer.
  • Appeal to your ideal client.
  • Reflect things you and your ideal client care about.
  • Be clearly titled (in other words, don’t be cryptic or clever unless that’s your schtick).
  • Include a description that reinforces the value behind the board’s content.
  • Have a compelling board cover. (If you want to get a gold star, all of your board covers should create an overall tone when someone clicks on your profile.)

Here are some ideas for boards that would help you communicate your brand’s style and message:

  • Wedding dresses. Your ideal bride will gravitate towards a specific style, so communicate that through pins! The same goes for accessories like veils, shoes, purses, jewelry, etc.
  • Venues. You likely have preferred venues. If you’re a destination photographer, post images of places you’d love to shoot, not the trendy place in your home town.
  • Details. It’s important for detail boards to have a consistent style. Mixing DIY barn details with upscale ballroom décor will confuse your audience.
  • Your favorite work. Yes, you have permission to pimp yourself out on Pinterest. Just don’t get crazy. Look at this like you would a featured gallery on a website.
  • Outfits. Your ideal client will appreciate ideas on what to wear to their shoot; whether it’s engagement/children/maternity/etc.
  • Shooting inspiration. This could be anything from ads to your favorite photographer in the industry. Make sure you give credit where credit is due!
  • Posing. It’s always great to have ammunition in your pocket for interesting ways to pose your clients.
  • Photo displays. This is a great way to be an informational resource for clients as they figure out creative ways to hang images you’ve captured for them. Use this as a tool to educate people on the best ideas for displaying art around their home.

Building Brand Identity

At B!G Deal Branding, we use Pinterest as a tool to help clients communicate their vision to our design team. When working with designers, have a running inspiration board of designs you like and designs you don’t like. Examples of pins that are helpful for both categories are:

  • Packaging ideas
  • Fonts/typography
  • Textures
  • Color palettes
  • Stationary/Print pieces

Next Steps:

  • Know your photographic style and who you’re trying to attract.
  • Set up a Pinterest account if you haven’t already.
  • If you currently have an account, delete all pins that don’t reflect your brand or speak directly to the clients you’re hoping to attract.
  • Match your ‘About’ section to your other social media accounts – don’t forget your URL. This provides consistency for visitors who are trying to find you across platforms.
  • Be intentional about your boards. Don’t create a board for a maternity shoot if you’ve chosen to specialize in wedding photography. It sends a confusing and inconsistent message.
  • Your avatar should match the avatar you use on other social media accounts.
  • Make descriptions clear. What drew your attention to a particular pin? If you love shooting city couples and you post a photo of a couple on a rooftop with the skyline behind them, reinforce your core message in the description. For example, “I love how much this couple adores their city. NYC skyline engagement shoots are the best!” You’ve now used a description as an opportunity to say exactly who your ideal client is and what settings you prefer to shoot. Your ideal bride will feel like you’re speaking directly to her, which is exactly what you want your brand to do!

Above all else, remember that every platform is an opportunity to communicate something about your brand. If you aren’t guiding the conversation, others will make their own assumptions. Perception is reality. Be smart about creating a clear message that gives people the perception you want them to have about you!

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The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!