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Images and Stories — Photographer Images Adorn our Walls: Phase 2

As you may remember, earlier this summer Pictage CEO Jim Collins posted on the forums requesting Pictage Members to submit photos to hang on the Pictage walls. In early August we shared our first batch of images to go up on the walls, here is the next! Make sure to show some comment love to the fabulous Pictage community members that submitted these photos and their accompanying stories. Thank you to everyone for participating!

Anna and Spencer of Anna and Spencer Photography


“A wedding day is very busy – ok, extremely busy. It can sometimes even be hectic. However, even among all the people, all of the celebration, true love still comes through. You see, to me, true love isn’t something that screams out loud (though, at times it can). Though it is always easy and clear to see, it is often times quiet and can be missed if one isn’t paying attention. And then, for brief moments in the wedding day, the silent love comes through in a way … almost unexpected. It is the brief pause – the deep sigh – the thought that is at the very core of the bride and groom. “we’re getting married today” “I’m marrying my love today” … “we’re married” … “we’re actually married.” In that moment, in that pause, in that sigh of joy, comes through the true feeling of the day – and the real reason a wedding is such a special event. It is the great love that the couple shares which makes the day so unforgettable. For us to be witness to such love and emotion is simply wonderful and inspiring. Here is one of those moments with Lee and Melody. This shot happened during their first dance – really, the dance was impromptu and unplanned. There was music playing in the background, they had taken a step away from their guests for a moment, and just started dancing together. This is one of their small, quiet moments of true love.”

Cindy Brown of CBrown Photo


“This is a photo of one of my best friends, Josey. We went to seminary at Candler School of Theology together. I love this photo because she seems so happy hugging on her stuffed Jesus. In the background is her best friend from grammar school and one of her best friend’s from seminary. The wedding was nothing elaborate, but oh so much fun (including contra dancing at the reception).”

Kimberly Sanderson of Sanderson Images


“This is my favorite image I have taken recently.  It just shouts “JOY” to me and I cannot help but smile when I see it.  One of the things that I love most about being a photographer is being able to capture moments like this of my family.  This photo sums up my middle child, Noah, so well.  He is JOY.  I hope he never loses that.”

Written by: Elizabeth Villa (Pictage Blog Team)

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!