We are excited to migrate users to the new system!  We will work to make the process as seamless for you as possible.  PLEASE ALLOW TIME TO LEARN THE NEW SYSTEM.  It is very powerful but works differently than the legacy system.  Thanks for your patience!  We know you will love the new system once you are on it!

Compare New ShootQ vs. Legacy ShootQ

What Gets Migrated vs. What Doesn’t.

What Gets Migrated:

Jobs, Events, Contacts, Leads,
Emails and Email Templates, Contract Templates, Questionnaires,
Products & Packages, Past Invoices, Payments     

What Doesn’t get migrated:

Contact Forms, Discounts/Taxes,
Payment Schedules,

(you will want to set these up before using the system) 

*All templates will be transferred over however you are  going to want to check them
and check any variables to ensure they are working correctl

Collecting Payments After Being Migrated

If you have pending invoices in legacy, watch this video for your options on how to handle them.  You have a few choices.

Closing Pending / Open Proposals

We highly recommend that you recreate any open proposals in the New System, re-send it to your client, and inform them to disregard the previous proposal from Legacy. Your pending proposals will have a “new lead” status after migration. By recreating your open proposals it will allow these jobs to move through the lead statuses accordingly in New System once the proposal is sent and the contract is signed.

If you choose to have the proposal accepted and contract signed in Legacy, to avoid creating a new client communication link, you will need to download the contract once it is signed and attach the file to the corresponding job in the New System. You will need to recreate an invoice with the proposal package offered and send it out to your client to move job to the active status which will allow you to collect payments in New ShootQ.

Onboarding Setup Guide

We recommend completing the Onboarding Setup Guide as best you can…this will help get you familiar to the new system. 

We are here to help!
View our help articles here.
Chat with us, email us, call us.

*Certain data presentation issues can be resolved after the migration.  If you see any issues with your data, please contact us.

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!