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The Photo Life Podcast: An Interview with Aaron Huey

The Black Hills Are Not For Sale

In this episode of the Photo Life we speak with photojournalist Aaron Huey about the lessons he learned during his coast-to-coast walk across America, about his mission to bring attention to the generational suffering of the Lakota people and his dream that America will finally cast apathy aside and begin amending the horrors of its history.

About Aaron Huey

Aaron Huey is a photojournalist who freelances regularly for The National Geographic magazines, The Smithsonian Magazine, The New Yorker, The New York Times, GEO and dozens of others. Huey is currently a Contributing Editor (photographer) for Harper’s Magazine, the oldest general interest magazine in America. He is only the second photographer ever to appear on the 160 year old masthead which currently includes Naomi Klein, Thomas Wolfe, Thomas Frank, and Bill McKibben.

Huey is widely known for his 3,349 mile, solo walk across America (with his dog Cosmo). The 2002 journey lasted 154 days. There was no media coverage. They walked every step. Following the walk Huey took a 2 1/2 year hiatus from shooting photos to build an artist in residence program (Hueyhaus), from the ground up, on the Pecos River east of Santa Fe.

Aaron now resides in Seattle, WA, where he sits on the board of directors for the photographic non-profit Blue Earth Alliance, as a home base in between assignments.

Emphasis Project: http://Emphas.is

Bio picture courtesy of Jill Fannon.

Photos below courtesy of Aaron Huey.

In The Shadow of Wounded Knee by Photographer Aaron Huey

photo documenting alcohol abuse on the Reservation photography by aaron huey

Pine Ridge and the Forgotten Warriors of Wounded Knee photo by Aaron Huey

Poppy Eradication in Afghanistan photo by Aaron Huey

Sufism:  Peace, Love, and Poetry in the Islamic world photo by Aaron Huey

photo by photographer aaron huey

About the Host- Travis Schreer

The Photo Life Host Travis Schreer

Travis is a wanderer who has a life-long passion for helping creative people realize their ambitions. While studying at the Kendall College of Art and Design and Eastern Michigan University, simultaneously pursuing a BFA in fine art and a Masters in creative writing, Travis rediscovered his fascination with photography and began working as a product photographer. After a brief stint studying poetry in Paris and years of developing his own artistic identity from the comforts of various midwestern cities, Travis packed his wool socks and moved to the chilly climes of Alaska. While there, he broadened his knowledge of the photography industry through his work for Alaska’s largest advertising agency and his involvement with several stock photography companies. It was also in Alaska that Travis photographed his first wedding alongside his partner, photographer Jessica Hill, and the two began to lay the groundwork for the company that was to follow. Then, it was on to Portland, Oregon where Jessica and Travis would put all of their brainstorming into effect and establish Jessica Hill Photography as one of the premiere boutique wedding photography studios in the area. Next time you’re in Portland, stop by Laurelhurst Park, where Travis can be found most evenings. He’s the scruffy guy playing with Collignon Quincampoix, the coolest dog you will ever meet.

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!