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Stop Wasting Time, Money and Energy in Your Business!

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It’s 2012, and a new year is here! A new year naturally brings changes, goals, and new adventures. Typically, as a business owner, the new year also brings a time to examine your business and asses how you can make changes – it’s a great time for improvement!

One way to approach change in the new year is to look at the way you do things in your business. Everything – from emailing to editing to shooting – is a process in your business, and every process inherently contains waste. There’s no getting around it – whether you are wasting time, money, or energy, there is always room for improvement.

Not sure where to start? Try using the WORMPIT technique to identify wasteful areas in your business.

The Wormpit Technique for Photographer Efficiency

W: Waiting. How can you reduce the amount of time spent waiting on images to import, batch processing, or uploading?

O: Over-production. How much do you really need to create based on client expectations? Is over-producing providing a significant added value?

R: Rework. Are you creating great work from initial input, so that you don’t have to correct it later?

M: Motion. Can you reduce movement while in the office on things like typing or reaching for items?

P:  Processing. What are your clients’ expectations for how much processing you do?

I: Inventory. Do you take on an excess of client inventory, which may lead to poor quality or unhappiness in your personal life?

T: Transportation. Do you plan your days and driving?

The Next Step: Challenge yourself to use the WORMPIT technique to identify key areas of waste in your business. What can you change, even if it seems small, for 2012?

About Leeann Marie

Leeann is a Pittsburgh-based wedding, engagement, and boudoir photographer. An avid blogger, she loves connecting with her clients, friends, and other photographers around the world. She holds an engineering background from the University of Pittsburgh, which has led to a love of technology and teaching.

She loves Lady Gaga, champagne, and kettle-cooked chips. She has traveled the world to places such as Russia, South Korea, China, Vietnam, and Panama, and believes in living the life you have dreamed.

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!