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How to Make Everyday Shoots Extraordinary

how-to-make-every-day-shoots-extraordinaryThere I was with Beth and her family at Balboa Park in San Diego, their faces bursting with joy as they ran around being kids, playing games and laughing. But it wasn’t always this way; my early photos often showed people looking nervous, waiting for guidance on what pose to do next, with fake smiles.

Then, I decided to make a change. By encouraging people to make every day a celebration, the “UPA” (Unique Photo Adventure) was born! By taking the time to connect with my clients as they connect with each other, I can create images as if I wasn’t even there.

This is no traditional “portrait studio” appointment. Equipped with a variety of ideas, clients are inspired to make the experience all their own. Unique Photo Adventures allow participants to free themselves from being behind the camera, disconnect from their cell phone or other distractions, and really be present in the moment. By granting them the freedom to express their authentic personality through games, activities, and storytelling, their photo session becomes an experience they’ll always remember.

Everyone loves having amazing photos of their true persona shining through. That’s what makes images truly memorable, and cherished for a lifetime. After our UPA session, my client, Beth, shared this testimonial with me: “I would highly recommend Guided by Imagination. Jennie Edwards has a style all her own. She is fun to work with and takes gorgeous pictures. I never thought I’d be so comfortable in front of the camera.”

That level of comfort wouldn’t be possible in a traditional portrait session. By taking a more experiential approach – and taking the pressure off – the photo shoot truly becomes an adventure for the client.

Who participates in a UPA?

Families, Moms-to-be, and engaged couples choose their favorite outdoor locations, and we map out the adventure! Clients are offered options to customize their experience, which allows them to engage in their favorite hobbies or interactive activities. For example, if their passion is surfing, they’ll feel most like themselves at their favorite beach strolling, then building a sandcastle, telling stories and laughing together, suiting up to catch a couple waves, and then being treated to ice cream; an experience they’ll always cherish!

Imagine when clients are able to release stress from their busy day and consciously connect with their loved ones. By helping them actively engage with their incredible surroundings, breathing in fresh air, they become more relaxed and present. This environment harvests magically candid moments that are captured on camera, and then relived for a lifetime.

Many wonderfully spontaneous moments have been captured by helping clients feel confident and courageous in front of the camera, including a baby’s first steps! My favorite aspect of the Unique Photo Adventures is putting my clients at ease, feeling naturally happy and invigorated. They are able to enjoy the moment together and truly connect; a precious gift of the present.

Make every day a celebration.

About Jennie Edwards

Jennie EdwardsLoving life in San Diego, Jennie Edwards specializes in creating UPAs; Unique Photo Adventures for couples and families, as well as DWAs; Dream Wedding Adventures at destinations worldwide.

She loves working with people and empowering them to do what they love, be present in the moment with their favorite people – and be outrageous! Her goal is to make every day a celebration.

Her work can be viewed HERE.

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!