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How Two Photographers Realized their Dream of Studio Ownership – by Sharing!

Two Canadian photographers are following their dream to create Edmonton’s finest photography rental studio. “The Photographer Studio,” owned by Tammy & Lauri, was created in January 2012. The concept was to provide an affordable studio setting for local photographers who don’t have their own space, or don’t have the volume of shoots to sustain their own studio.

Originally, the concept began with a co-op style rental agreement that allowed photographers to share the space equally with the odd hourly rentals when the studio was available. Within the first year, however, the owners realized that this was not enabling profitability. They pivoted quickly and changed to a membership option, with hourly rentals made available to non-members.

So, what goes into a smart shared studio space?

Member photographers get a range of perks such as:


  • Up to 12 hours of studio time per month for a minimal fee
  • Access to the studio during their pre- booked times
  • Props – ranging from newborn to boudoir
  • Variety of furniture to suit most photographers’ styles
  • Pre-installed seamless backdrops
  • Lighting sets available for a minimal fee.


This membership model assured that the owners can rent out the studio on an hourly basis to the general public – yielding a profit.

During their time running the studio, they’ve discovered that it tends to be used for boudoir marathons because the studio boasts the perfect set-up – complete with a hair and make-up room separate from the main shooting area.


A Shared Studio Means Shared Community

In addition to the obvious perks of a shared studio, the owners have discovered another natural benefit – a growing network of photographers who get together online and share ideas, resources and tips. Much of this sharing happens via the studio’s Facebook page. So, the sharing continues beyond the studio. And the studio itself continues to grow by more photographers sharing actively. A win-win!

About Tammy & Lauri

Tammy is a natural master of creativity, optimism, and connecting people. She finally found her true passion when she pursued her lifelong dream of becoming a photographer in 2006. In that short span of time, she managed to run a successful professional home photography studio . Her previous successes as an assistant parts and service manager of an import dealership to a manager of a large national online community have given her ample experience with effectively interacting with people of all ages, from very diverse backgrounds, and she’s stepping out now to share her wealth of technical knowledge and organizational skills with all of us. Her infectious laughter and uncanny ability to spread cheer, humour, and enthusiasm will get you, even if you try and avoid it. You can run, but you can’t hide.

Lauri is a fun loving, beautiful spirit who loves chatting it up with anyone who comes her way . She began her successful photography career in 2000 as Mode Lavan Photography and hasn’t looked back since . She previously came from the business of banking . Once you meet Lauri, you will want to slip her into your back pocket as she is just that awesome 🙂

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!