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Mingle with Engle & Jeff LaPlante

Today’s Interview is with Jeff LaPlante of Jeff LaPlante Photography… 


*Describe your photography style:
I approach weddings as a photojournalist first and foremost. I strive to document the day in an unobtrusive and creative way without posing or interrupting the natural interactions of the couple and their guests. Intermixed with this reportage style I also pre-arrange with my couples a time to create dramatic portraits with more of a fashion look. This includes my day after sessions where we ‘trash the dress’.

*What is a must read or must see?
Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders. This book changed my outlook on competition, community and the closed loop profession that was photography. Thanks DJ!


*What are your work hours?
I don’t really have set work hours which sometimes is a problem for me. I ALWAYS have something going on, usually multiple projects, which occupy my time. I’m active in my photography community here in Seattle and often meet with photographers helping them with their workflow or storage issues. Most of my image editing and programming happen in the evenings after my kids are in bed.


*What is your favorite thing about Pictage?
I love that Pictage takes care of all of my print fulfillment. Getting a consumer transaction order email from Pictage at all hours of the day telling me I’ve just made several hundred dollars in reprint sales without my having to lift a finger is awesome.

*What lens could you not live without?
With out a doubt that’d be my Nikkor 200mm f2.0. I fell in love with this lens when Mike Colon let me borrow his while attending his workshop. I bought one a few months later. This lens produces wonderfully smooth bokeh and phenomenal saturated color while maintaining razor sharp depth of field shooting wide open. I’m addicted. No, really.


*How long have you been a photographer?
I’ve been a full time photographer for 2 years but I’ve been shooting weddings for 5.

*What was your very first job?
I began working when I was 16 and needed money for gas, insurance and whatever else 16 year olds need. I started at McDonalds flipping burgers and washing dishes.


*Most listened to song on your ipod?
Hmm, good question. iPod or iPhone? I don’t usually listen to single tracks, most of the time I’ll play the whole album. My favorite right now is Maroon 5, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long.

*What is a goal for 2008?

I have several goals for 2008 but one off the top is to create a few software applications to help photographers take care of their businesses. I’m working on several different projects right now so watch my blog for details.

*What is one thing we don’t know about you?
I have a degree in Electrical Engineer Technology

*Who inspires you?
I’m inspired by so many people in different parts of my life. My wife inspires me with her undying devotion to our family. As for inspiration from the photographic community I’m inspired by people such as Mike ColonJoe Buissink, David Jay and so many others. Not only for their creativity but also for their savvy business sense.


*What blog do you stalk?
I actually don’t read blogs too much, certainly not to the point of ‘stalking’. I have a ton of blogs on my RSS reader and every so often I’ll go play catch up and see what everyone is up to. I’m addicted to http://www.engadget.com/ and http://www.arstechnica.com/ though. But that’s just because I’m a geek.

*Any words of wisdom to share…
Believe in your work and create your own style. Being true to yourself rather than attempting to emulate someone else’s ‘look’ will sustain you in the long run. Inspiration comes from many places and will help to develop your personal style over time. There’s no wrong or right way to see the world through the lens. Pick up your camera and make images! Shoot what fascinates you.

Thank you Jeff for sharing!
The site – http://www.jefflaplante.com/
The blog – http://blog.jefflaplante.com/

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!