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Mingle with Engle & Shawn Reeder

Written by Emily Engle

Today’s Interview is with Shawn Reeder Photography & Music…


*What is your favorite thing to photograph?
I have 5 different things that I love to shoot and I love them all equally but they each come in waves.  Landscapes, Climbing, Yoga, Outdoor Lifestyle, and People in Love. 


*Describe your photography style:
Its hard to put words to an artistic style.  Natural, organic, real, these are words that try to describe what I strive for, although its really just words.  I want to capture the essence of my subject whether it be a person or a landscape.  My photography tends to be an interpretation of how I see the world, and since I try to see the beauty in everything, I hope this comes through in my work.


*What is a must read or must see?
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey is what I’m currently reading and its so enlightening and inspiring. 

*What are your work hours?
Work Hours???  What are those? jk.  I’m still single though with no family so I don’t have any set work hours.  Sometimes I get up and just start working and work all day, sometimes like today I work a little in the morning then I go outside and play while its nice, and now that the evening has settled in I’m getting back to work.  It all depends but is never the same.  This winter I’ve probably worked more than I ever have to get my music site up, but I want to balance that out so this spring and summer I’m hoping to get into the mountains more and out hiking and climbing as much as I can.


*What is your favorite thing about Pictage?
The community hands down. I do also love that Pictage handles my online proofing and does all my order fulfillment for prints, I mean that is why I signed up, but its the community that now means the most to me.

*What lens could you not live without?
For weddings, my Canon 70-200 IS and for my landscape work my Canon 17-40.


*How long have you been a photographer?
I took my first pictures when I won a trip to Yosemite at the age of 18, and my best friend had a camera he wasn’t using.  I was like “hey man, let me use that thing”, and the love began.  Soon after I moved out to the mountains of California and I wanted to share the amazing beauty that I was surrounded by with my friends and family back home, so my dad gave me his old point and shoot camera.

*What was your very first job?
My very first job ever was when I was probably 13 and my Uncle Joel hired me to paint the fence at his farm.  My first photography job, or sale shall I say, was when I got an image published in Climbing magazine.  That started what was many fun years working with the outdoor industry, which I still do today.  I also love shooting weddings; its really fun to be able to mix it up.


*Most listened to song on your ipod?
In The Early Light right now, but  Stay or Leave  has the highest play count.


*What is a goal for 2008?
To get outside more and help as many people as possible smile.

*What is one thing we don’t know about you?
When I was 22-25, I slept outside under the stars more days per year than I slept inside.

*Who inspires you?
People who are genuine, honest, and care for and help others; which includes so many people in this wonderful Pictage community.  My family and friends also inspire me, and people who try to choose love over fear.


*If you had a tagline, what would it be?
No Worries.

*Any words of wisdom to share…
“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”
J.R.R. Tolkien


Thanks Shawn!
The Photography/Music Site – http://www.shawnreeder.com/
The Blog – http://shawnreeder.com/photolog/

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!