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ShootQ Now the Easiest Studio Management Software to Setup

Free One-on-One Setup Assistance Program Gets Photographers Up and Running Faster than Ever!

ShootQ’s mission is to help professional photographers fulfill their artistic dreams while meeting their financial goals. In today’s environment, that means freeing up more time for shoots and brand development. ShootQ allows you to do exactly that, when it is setup properly. That used to take time, which somewhat defeated the mission of the software. Now, it takes a lot less time, thanks to ShootQ’s Setup Assistance program.


ShootQ already offered a “test drive” program that allowed new customers to try it free for a month. However, some customers chose to cancel at the end of the trial, because they found the setup to be a bit too daunting. In response, ShootQ began piloting a Setup Assistance program two months ago and the results have been dramatic.

“ShootQ is a very intuitive system to use once it is setup. However, the setup itself is often only intuitive to someone already using it,” said Geoff Dunn, who is in charge of ShootQ’s Customer Experience team. “With our new Setup Assistance program, almost everyone is comfortable with the system at the end of our one-hour session.”

Kurt Hilmerson, who is in charge of studio enrollment and development, explains, “It’s amazing what a difference this program has made in such a short time. When I talk to long-time customers, almost every single one of them tells me they wish that we had this program when they started.”

The program is simple. All new customers, whether trials or direct signups, are invited and encouraged to schedule a complimentary one-hour Setup Assistance appointment. During the appointment, a ShootQ expert walks them through all the necessary steps for setup. New customers have the opportunity to ask questions, get steps explained differently and request more details. Everyone learns differently, so this personal, one-on-one approach has proven to be significantly more effective than simply offering a video with documentation for users to do on their own.

Edwin Medina, a customer experience representative, is a professional photographer and ShootQ trainer. He has been using ShootQ for his own studio since 2011.

“One of the reasons I can work at ShootQ and run a successful photography studio is because ShootQ takes care of so much for me,” said Medina. “Being both a photographer and ShootQ customer myself, I really understand what our new customers need and that makes the training much more effective.”

Signing up for Setup Assistance is easy. All new customers receive a welcome call and have the opportunity to setup an appointment at that time. Alternatively, customers can schedule their appointments via the ShootQ website or send an email directly to Kurt Hilmerson at khilmerson@shootq.com.

ShootQ and Pictage Owner Michael Grant purchased both companies near the end of 2012. “2013 was a great year for ShootQ,” said Grant. “I invested significantly in changes that have positioned ShootQ to continue as the top studio management software solution in the industry. Now that these investments have been made, ShootQ customers can expect to see significant enhancements to the software while continuing to receive great customer service in the manner they prefer, whether that is online or by picking up the phone and speaking to a human being.”

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!