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Tips for Offering Holiday Specials

Besides the obvious profit incentive, offering holiday specials and promotions is just another excuse to be creative and to offer existing and potential clients a great experience. Here are some specific tips and tricks to doing this.

Start early. Be ready early and give your clients a reason to book early such as a print credit.

Re-release previous events on Pictage and opt-in to Holiday promotions and specials. This is an easy way for you to make money without providing an additional service. For an overview of Pictage’s holiday promotions, order-by dates, and additional tips, click here.

Holiday shoots and mini-portrait sessions marketed specifically toward the end product of Holiday cards.

-Offer Holiday portrait packages including the shoot and Holiday specific products such as Holiday cards.

-Find a cute Holiday card templates. You can customize them as you wish, but this is a great start for you to offer a great creative product for your clients. (You can find templates on lbobi.com, designaglow.com, and artisdesign.com, to name a few).

-When offering special sessions and promotions, know your workflow and the amount of time you need to complete the shoot and post-production (including product design, etc.).

-Holidays bring with them very strict deadlines, know the client’s deadline and abide by it.

-Most importantly, be creative and know your clients. Figure out what will give them a reason to come back for more. When they do come back, make sure they have a great experience.

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Written by Jules Bianchi & Joy Bianchi Brown

Jules and Joy are professional photographers in the East Bay Area of California. They are leaders in the photography community, speaking at industry wide events such as WPPI and PartnerCon. They have recently begun Holiday promotions for Jules Bianchi Photography in both pet and family photography genres and have taken the time to list a few of their tips and tricks for those wishing to do the same. **Jules and Joy will be speaking at PartnerCon 2010 on the topic of “What Your Client Can’t Live Without”. Learn more here.

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!