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What are Professional Photographers Really Selling?


Let’s clear our minds for a minute.

Think about the things that influence us. Maybe it’s the lustrous elements from our daily routines that are full of inspiration and creativity? So many things sway our thoughts, right? Commercials convince us to call NOW and “GET ONE FREE!” The guy that dances on the corner with a $5 pizza sign beckons us to “come get the freshest, hottest pie in town!”

We see so many things in “lights” trying to sell us something – trying to get us to buy into something – but how many of those bright, sparkly things truly help us understand the products, services and benefits?

As photographers, we want clients to “buy in” to what we offer; everything from our brand’s luster to our products. When we offer photography services, people are excited about the photos. They view our blog, tag themselves, and share on social media. They right-click photos and “save as,” even with our watermarks on them. Wait…wait…we’re missing something, right? Mom would rather have a low-res image (with your watermark on it) of her kids in a frame that she printed at home!? Why?

Because you – yes YOU – the photographer, skipped something titanic: helping your clients value not only your services, but also your products.

At BSP, we see and sell our products as timeless pieces. At this point, it’s not about our photography knowledge or how artsy we can be. It’s about connecting clients to a treasure, one that spawns memories. In thirty years, when clients look at photos we captured, they’ll think about the memories they made with loved ones in the photos. Those images recall smells, sounds, and emotions. But, what if they had never purchased printed products? What if they were never educated on how an album helps them recall those memories?

Educating clients on the products you offer is crucial to the overall success of your business. Clients with products in their hands can sell both your services AND products with people they share them with. Without any ads, you book another session or wedding from your products being shared. It’s like putting the pizza sign in your clients’ hands; clients who are happy to show off and “dance” in excitement for your products.

One last thing to remember about selling your products: it matters how well you know and showcase what you’re selling. You can say, “We offer albums, prints, and more!” But explaining quality is key. Imagine Brittani and me selling you one of our cars. You’d ask what the brand is, what features you’ll get, how many miles are on it, when’s the last engine maintenance work been done, and so on. What if we simply answered, “ Well, you know…it’s a car, it’s got wheels, runs on gas, has a radio, the engine works…at least the last time I checked…?” Would you buy our car? Would you say that we value what we’re trying to sell you? Probably not.

Here are some images of a recent wedding album that we delivered to a client. You’ll see that the blog highlights all the features we love and value in our products. After a few hours of posting this blog, we had an inquiry from a bride who wanted to add an album to her package…it really works!




(These are Aspen Albums, crafted by Pictage, which we love offering our clients. You can read more about them HERE.)

Here’s what we’re trying to get you to grab on to: your clients will value what you value. Show them that your products are worth investing in. Ultimately, it will create a drive for people to invest in you as a photographer even more! Plus, you’ll be thrilled because not only are you seeing money come in from your sales, but your clients will receive something tangible that they’ll cherish and share with loved ones for generations. And that kind of product is priceless!


About Kevin and Brittani

Kevin and Brittani (Schultze) Gardner are first and foremost a husband and wife team. Of the many things they share together a passion for the arts has been what drives them as a team, and has since day one. She loves being the dreamer and primary photographer. He loves pushing the post-creative side – working with processing and blogging. When they’re not photographing they’re more than likely in their hometown making memories with family, friends, and their sweet dog, Liza.

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!