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Out of Synch: Photographers vs the Music Industry – Part 4

During the last few posts, we’ve been discussing music licensing within photographic and video work. Part 1 covered the value of music within photographic and video work. Part 2 talked about the growing accessibility of legal, low cost music licenses. Part 3 explained how licensing works and what approach you should take to fit your brand. Now that you have the tools, I’d like to conclude by explaining what can happen if you choose to ignore the information that’s been shared in this series. As photographers and videographers, most of us are aware of copyright law and what infringement means. Still, the question that circles in our professional community is, “if I use unlicensed music, will I really get caught?” Over the years, the RIAA

Out of Synch: Photographers vs The Music Industry Part 3

Music can supercharge the emotional impact of your stories, help you create a unique brand and sell more products, slideshows and sessions.  But music also has the potential to distract from your stories and your business if it’s used poorly. I’m Roy Ashen and I’m a huge fan of professional photographers and event filmmakers. My team at Triple Scoop Music has dedicated the last 7 years to helping creative professionals grow their businesses with fresh, original music by talented independent artists. We’ve hand-picked over 10,000 songs and we make licensing easy and affordable. Over the years I’ve seen and heard all sides of this important issue. So, let’s dig deeper together! How Music Licensing Really Works:  Let’s start with some facts about music licensing to make sure

Out of Synch: Photographers vs The Music Industry Part 2

Last week, Nashville-based photographer Peter Carlson tackled the timely topic of music licensing. Many of you chimed in with your thoughts, questions and frustrations! So, we’re eager to share the next post in this series focusing on music licensing for professional photographers. You’re invited to voice your opinion by commenting below! In my previous post, I introduced you to one of EMI’s Publishing Directors, John Thompson. What I love about John is that he has always been one of the music industry’s most forward-thinking leaders. He is passionate about art and wants to see the industry innovate continually. After reading your comments on my previous post, I thought it would be valuable to learn where John sees music licensing going. So, let’s ask John and

Out of Synch: Photographers vs The Music Industry

The Music Biz vs Photographers: Part I. In keeping with our commitment to serve up timely topics, we’re launching a series of posts focusing on music licensing for professional photographers. Share your experience and voice your opinion by commenting below! Over the last few months there has been buzz about photographers and filmmakers getting fined or sued for using unlicensed music on  their websites, slideshows and videos. There are plenty of forum posts and magazine articles where photographers share their opinions on the matter, but I thought it would be interesting to hear directly from someone inside the music industry. Living in Nashville, it is fairly easy to connect with music business leaders and artists. So, let me introduce you to my friend John Thompson,

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!