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What is Your Photography Brand Saying About Your Business?

Photography Brand

In any business, we talk a lot about building a brand. Brand loyalty is especially important for building repeat business and repeat business drives success. For various kinds of businesses it may be easier to build a brand because their product and market is focused to a product or service. But what happens when you have a diverse business like photography? Do you have a photography brand in your business and if so, what is your brand saying? When we begin to think about building a better photography brand we must start by definition. What is photography branding? While a proper branding plan should have coordinate colors, designs, and materials, that does not comprise “branding” as a whole. Yes we all understand that, in order

Tax Deductions for Photography Businesses

tax deduction for photography

Mom always said, “There are only two things in life that you can’t avoid, taxes and death.” Both personal and business taxes will come and they often make small business owners, like photographers, wince.  But they don’t have to be painful!  Today we are going to explore the world of tax deductions.  Maybe you are missing valuable tax deductions for photography that could be saving you money! If you are like most photographers, you probably started your photography business because of your passion for the art.  It’s something you love doing as a hobby and you grew the business into a part-time or full time gig. While we could talk about the art of photography all day, it is the business of photography that needs

Legal Structure for your Photography Business

So you have decided to start a photography business? Or maybe you have in business for a while as a sole proprietor and you are questioning a different business structure. This article is for you! Today we will discuss legal structure for your photography business. Deciding on the legal structure for your photography business can be confusing. Many new business owners start out in the role of sole proprietorship and assume that is the best is the way to go. It could good for you but maybe not. It is time to educate yourself on all of the options before making the decision on the legal structure for your photography business. There are basically six main business types of legal structures to consider for your

How to Build Your Business with Photography Displays.

As photographers, you are in a constant marketing “battle” to not only market yourself as a creative photographer but to distinguish yourself amongst the throngs of photographers out there.  Today, here on the ShootQ blog we hope to help you think about marketing in an “old” new way.  We are going to talk about how to build your business with photography displays. Aren’t photography displays outdated marketing? NO!!!  Not at all.  While yes, a large portion of marketing is comprised of having a great website and social media channels, you cannot forget to PRINT your work and should be encouraging clients to do this regularly.  Yes, it is great to have a potential client fall in love with images, not matter the medium, but imagine:

Why Every Photographer Needs a Photography Blog!

In the year 2017, we find that websites are to marketing what business card were 20-30 years ago.  Most photographers know and understand why they need a website but far too many are missing out on an important feature of their website: the blog.  In today’s article we will tell you why EVERY photographer needs a photography blog! So you spent hours, days weeks even picking out the right photos and crafting the perfect text for your website.  Whether you used an elaborate template or a custom designer, you knew that your website would be VERY important to your business, as a photographer.  Good job! But a website, is only HALF the battle in the digital world of advertising (if that). Here is something we

Writing a Wedding Photography Contract 101

One of the most common worries for any wedding photographer is protection of their funds.  Most weddings are booked well in advance and things happen.  Having a good contract will protect you from loss of income and so much more.  But what should you include in a wedding photography contract? **It is always wise to have any legal documents, within your business, reviewed and approved by a lawyer just to ensure that they are binding.  For this reason, any advice given in this article is meant only as a guide and not as true legal advice.  Please consult your attorney for specifics regarding your business and state.** Copyright and Model Release When crafting a proper wedding photography contract, potentially the first two points of business

Ultimate Wedding Photography Sample Shot List

In today's blog we are going to talk about something very important to the organization and flow of a wedding day, the actual list of photos you will likely take on the wedding day!  Today, alongside some sage advice, we will give you a wedding photography sample shot list to share with your clients. Its the dreaded question and how many times have you heard it in your career? BrideCan I give you a list of photos to shoot on the wedding day? Far too often we, as photographers, end up with clients who either with good intentions or because of micromanaging tendencies, want to dictate the photos you take on the wedding day.  Not only is this a bad idea, it totally sets the

Episode 3: Shooting your first wedding day (& beyond)!

So you are ready to shoot your first wedding as a professional photographer?  If you have not already completed all the tasks listed in our previous articles, then you are NOT ready.  Episode 1 & Episode 2 Preparation is more than half the battle in the world of wedding photography.  After you have adequately prepared and you make it to the big wedding day, here are some great tips for shooting your first wedding! Shooting your first wedding TIP #1 : It’s NOT all about the photography! In my career I have photographed more than 350 weddings. I would argue that the art of the photography is only about 40% of the battle on any given wedding day.  A wedding day is a beautiful time filled

Episode 2: Everything I needed to know about the wedding day I learned at the engagement session!

In our last blog post we gave lots of great advice about preparing for shooting your first wedding as a professional photographer.  Today we are going one step deeper.  We are talking about the benefits of having an engagement session before shooting a wedding.  And going even further giving you tips on shooting your first engagement session! In the last blog post I also shared with you that we, as wedding photographers, have always given away our engagement sessions for free.  Whether you feel like that business model works for you or not, matters not.  You can still place an appropriate value on the engagement session not only as a means to boost the wedding sale / income, but also as a preparatory time for

Prepare to shoot your FIRST wedding! Episode 1:PREPARE Before the Wedding Day

First off, if you already have a wedding booked and you are planning on “faking it, til you make it.” DON’T!  Let me just stop you right there! This is one of the single most important days of a person’s life.  Do NOT mess this up!  (No pressure right?)  But seriously, if you are anxiously awaiting the first time you photograph a wedding on your own, here are some things you MUST know as you prepare to shoot your first wedding. 80% of photographing a wedding happens BEFORE the big day. How can we say that?  Well, I am a veteran wedding photographer.  16 years and 400+ weddings later I can say I know this to be true 110%!  While the day itself is what
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The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!