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Inside the Image of Joanne Bartone

Joanne Bartone of Joanne Bartone Photography and Pictage member since 2004 shared not one but two photos today!


Shutter: 1/150TH – Aperture: f-4.5 – Focal Length: (my favorite lens! 70mm to 200mm) at 80mm – ISO: 160 – No Flash – Open Shade – final Photoshop enhancement.

“I was blessed to have Maria and Brandon as one of my wedding couples in 2006 and I frequently call on Maria to model for me; this time I asked both Maria and Brandon to model for our PUG Roof Top group Shoot and as you can see, the results were stunning! Their chemistry is incredible – not much direction was necessary from the gallery of PUG photographers shooting – I suppose that was one of the reasons they fell in love and got married in the first place!  We started on the roof top of a parking garage in downtown Pittsburgh and then moved to the street, where I created this image. I saw the reflections of the buildings in the puddle, had them stand about two feet from it and shot away.

I chose to have their legs more in focus and let their reflection in the puddle go a bit soft – I thought it was a bit more sexy and mysterious; kind of like we shouldn’t have been looking at them while they were engaged in a kiss, but wanted to look anyway because they are such a beautiful couple! For post processing, I simply bumped up the saturation and contrast to make the image pop and let the shimmer of the wet street lead the viewers eye to the puddle, which in turn leads the viewers eye to the legs. I dig this shot BIG time!”


Shutter: 1/400TH – Aperture: f-4.5 – Focal Length: (my favorite lens! 70mm to 200mm) at 70mm – ISO: 160 – No Flash – Shooting into the sun for intentional flare – final Photoshop enhancement with grunge filters and text layers.

“Chelsea and Jeremy are a fun, down-to-earth, energetic couple who are crazy in love! Their wedding was just this past May in West Virginia at Berry Hills CC where there are lots of rolling hills and golf course greens and trees. You know the drill; you are faced with creating a beautiful image and all you’ve got to work with is a golf course and a whole lot of green trees…it can be a challenge sometimes.

No biggie; I was just watching and waiting for the sun to set over those green trees and rolling hills so I could create something really dramatic and spectacular for them; something not so “green!” As the sun began to set just over the tree tops I did a test shot on my assistant for the light and camera settings, then I stole them away from their reception for about ten minutes – they needed a break by then anyway – had them face and run into the sun while looking back at me over their shoulders, I was low to the ground shooting up a bit to catch the flare in the lens from the sun and snapped away as they ran down the green into the sun!

The images were perfect; exactly as I wanted them to be, thanks to that two minutes of prep on my assistant! I then took the “best” image from the series of about ten shots into Photoshop, used my nik Color Efx 3 filters, layers with grunge filters for texture and scrolling text to create the final image. I love the results and made them happier than they imagined; who could ask for anything more!”

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!