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To Glorify Your Own Success or Help Your Audience Find Their Own?

To Glorify Your Own Success or Help Your Audience Find Their Own?

When you run a small business, it’s hard to find the line where your business ends and you begin. Because of how closely linked you are to your business, it’s often easiest to focus on yourself and your company instead of creating content that’s client-focused and provides your audience with real value.

But what’s easiest isn’t always what’s most effective.

You’ve probably noticed that some lucky folks have built a large audience of fans and followers by focusing on themselves. They’ve done it mostly glorifying their success instead of showing others how to find their own success.

However, there’s a downside to making your audience want to be you instead of providing real value in showing them how to be the best version of themselves.

1. Fans and followers don’t always equate to big-picture business success.

Don’t be fooled by 1,000,000 Twitter followers! Just because 1,000,000 people find you interesting in 140 characters, doesn’t actually mean they’ll buy anything from you. For your business, 100 loyal followers just might do the trick.

2. You will most likely gain popularity among your peers (those that sell the same things) but not among your potential customers.

This might serve you well if you ever decide to make money on education (like workshops) or consulting, but it won’t help you find success in reaching your current potential customers.

3. You will waste your energy showing off your awesome life and miss out on the opportunity to show your ideal client how awesome you can make their life.

When you can show your potential client that your company can make their life better, you become a trusted resource and partner. This trust is what will help your business succeed for the long term.

And, to put it simply, no one likes people that brag.

So, instead of making your online presence all about you, start asking yourself these questions about your audience.

1. What expertise do I have to offer my ideal client that they will find valuable?

If you’re a business owner selling to small business owners, you could consider sharing the lessons you’ve learned as a business owner. If you’re a mom/professional portrait photographer, you could consider sharing a mixture of tips for taking iPhone pictures of your kids and tips for being a mom altogether!

2. What is my ideal client’s picture of happiness?

If your target audience is mostly small business owners, their picture of happiness might be being able to focus on serving clients instead of the one million headaches that come with being a small shop. If they’re a mom, their picture of happiness might be spending time with their kids and capturing those special moments.

3. How can I help them reach that picture of happiness through content and my product?

Once you understand your expertise and your client’s picture of happiness, try looking for the place where the two overlap. In the B2B example above, the person with business experience can focus in on giving business advice on all of the little things that a small business owner has to manage.

In the photography example, your expertise as a mom/professional portrait photographer can help you create content that shows moms how to capture special time with their kids.

We’re in the business of helping small businesses reach big-picture goals using content marketing, so this isn’t a ploy for you to forfeit results in favor of doing good for your ideal client. But, we are advocating for you to find ways to provide real value to your ideal client. This type of content is what will show you results and help you achieve success.

About the Author

Elizabeth Ippolito is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of MatchStick Strategies. Find more musings from Elizabeth on TwitterFacebook and Pinterest.

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!