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Tips to Give Brides Before Boudoir Photography Sessions


Today’s modern bride is classy, confident and fearless. As a boudoir studio that’s been around since the 1990s, we’ve seen our share of brides. We’ve been shooting bride’s boudoir photographs since 1997. Today’s brides want the best of everything, they know they deserve it, and they’ll stop short of nothing to get it. From booking reception locations to florists and caterers, they spare no expense. This is also true when it comes to giving the groom a gift he’ll never forget. Boudoir photographs have become the number one gift on the bride’s list.

Many brides ponder booking a sexy boudoir photo shoot, but when it comes to actually making that call, they have all kinds of questions and doubts that go through their minds. That’s why we send brides a helpful list of tips when they book their boudoir photo shoot. We want them to be prepared long before they come in to our studio! In order to help you book boudoir photography sessions and empower your clients, we want to share these Tips to give Brides Before Boudoir Photography Sessions:

  1. Don’t drink any alcohol for a few nights before a boudoir shoot, and don’t eat salty foods. You’ll be dehydrated and your skin will look dry and wrinkled. Salt retains water and that’s the last thing you want when being photographed in your birthday suit!
  2. Do your research. Boudoir photography is not an easy job and it takes an experienced, talented artist with special skills to be able to photograph you for your body type. Every body type is different, so every boudoir shoot should be different. Check referrals, reviews, customer testimonials and more. You’ll know the style you like when you see it by viewing lots of photographer’s portfolios.
  3. If you’re a plus size girl or just don’t like your legs, fishnet pantyhose are your friend. They slim everyone’s legs!
  4. Never use tanning lotions. If you want a tan for your boudoir shoot, book a tanning session a few weeks before your shoot. Tan lines are not flattering and lotions leave your hands, feet and ankles looking orange.
  5. If you have highlights, be sure to get your hair done the week of your boudoir session.
  6. Try on outfits at least a week before coming in for your shoot. You want to put on an outfit, look in the mirror and say, “damn I look good!” Confidence shows in your boudoir photos!
  7. Bring your own foundation and lipstick. If you go to a makeup artist who isn’t experienced, you could end up looking tawdry instead of classy. If you have your own foundation and lipstick, you can easily freshen up for a natural look.
  8. Wear loose fitting clothing to the boudoir studio and don’t wear watches or socks. This is especially important if you’re not having makeup and hair done at the studio. Imagine having beautiful boudoir photos, but when you look closely, you see strap lines!
  9. Bring an extra pair of stockings. There’s nothing worse than having your entire outfit put together and then getting a run in your stockings.
  10. Have fun!

We hope this helps you book boudoir sessions with brides. If you share these tips and more, you’ll be fully prepared for perfect, flawless boudoir photo shoots!

About the Author

PhotoLife8Denise Elizabeth Adamo is a successful, highly respected photographer and artist in one of the most competitive industry’s today. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and has traveled extensively throughout the US. 

She now works and lives in Southern California and her work is constantly evolving due to her diverse environments, passion and desire to outdo herself. Her unique style and approach to any project is what keeps her clients loyal.

Denise has won numerous International Awards from prestigious companies known for their high expectations in photography, including but not limited to Kodak and The National Geographic Society.

Although she has specialized in Boudoir Photography since 1997, long before anyone else in the United States, she also has an artistic eye for beauty and detail in everything she photograph’s. Her intense dedication has prompted her to create an exciting long-term career in the photography industry.

Denise’s future plans include opening up her own fine art gallery. We will not be surprised at her success in her future goals.

The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!