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Ask & Learn Today with Liana Lehman

Session Topic: Liana’s Crazy Simple Workflow Simplify your workflow using programs such as Adobe Lightroom and pairing with Pictage so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best! She will touch on an actual workflow to take better photos straight from the camera, starting with an end in mind, and the need for SPEED! Biography Liana loves her life and career! She is honored to spend her time shooting destination weddings in the US and abroad, speaking at major industry conventions, and helping other small businesses in her spare time. She recently become an Approved Business Instructor (ABI) for PPA, and is currently one of the only working professional photographers certified and willing to teach managerial accounting and business planning to other wedding

Mingle with Engle and Paul Manke

Describe your photography style or words that describe your brand? My style is still being defined! I try to catch the moments as they happen, and I’m learning how to make some of those special moments happen too. I also still do a lot of formals because you know grandma and aunt Martha still want all the formal photos. What are your work hours? Whenever I can fit them in. My partner is always telling me to relax a bit. But I am always trying to fit something in! What is your favorite thing about Pictage? Pictage gives me the ability to focus my attention on my clients and creating beautiful memories for them. Not to mention Pictage is an awesome source of income for

Mingle with Engle & Jensen Sutta

Check out the new and improved Mingle with Engle format, Jensen makes it look so good! Describe your photography style or words that describe your brand? My style is best described as documentary.  I like to think that looking at my work reminds the client exactly how the day or event went (no posing or staging, just documenting). Chelsea Clinton at the Kentucky Derby What is your favorite thing to photograph? My favorite thing to photograph is actually the non-profit called the Dream Foundation.  They grant wishes for terminally ill adults with 6 months or less to live.  Producing images for those individuals defines the importance of photography and reminds me of what is really important in life. What is a must read or must

Ask & Learn Today with Kevin Swan

Session Topic: Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress-Free Productivity Today’s world is complicated; with input coming from email, voicemail, text-messages, IMs, the mail, or in person. We’re no longer living in an age where work and personal lives are defined. Kevin will give details on how to implement David Allen’s GTD (Get Things Done) system which allows you to focus and make trusted choices about what to do (and not do!) at any moment. He will explain how to capture anything and everything that has your attention; define actionable items into concrete next steps and how to organize reminders and information in a streamlined way. Bio: Kevin has a bizarre and eclectic history; a professional actor in Seattle, he assisted Adobe in the

Mingle with Engle & Adam R. Owens

Today’s Mingle is with Adam R. Owens of Perfection Photography, enjoy!   *Describe your photography style: Relaxed Casual & Fun! I spend a lot of time with my clients, from the engagement session to the bridal session etc. I always hope that by the end of the wedding day my “clients” consider us to be friends. I do not advertise in magazines at all. For me it seems that my best referrals are from previous weddings I have shot. My new “friends” are the best advertising around! *What are your work hours?  I usually start editing my weddings on a Monday & try to have them uploaded to Pictage by Wednesday or Thursday. It is so important to get your images online quickly. The Bride

Ask & Learn Today with Mike Larson!

Session Topic: “Set profit & time goals to have an AMAZING LIFESTYLE, travel the world, and have your business support your DREAM life.” Mike Larson, an International Photographer known for his “camera toss” on www.cutframetv.com, is here to share with you. Learn about his focus on building personal character, as well as his goals for building a thriving business machine, owning property, increasing profit margins, and working less than 100 days in the office this year. For Mike, this approach has contributed to amazing world travels, repeat destination weddings, enjoyable living, and quality time spent with his wife, family and friends. Mike is known for his belief that, “business is important, and what you don’t know WILL slow you down and hurt your overall business

Mingle with Engle & Jared Bauman

Today’s Interview is with Jared Bauman of Bauman Photographers… *Describe your photography style: Well, its difficult to describe my style, but I can definitely say that it is the uniqueness of every couple that inspires me.  Capturing that very uniqueness is what inspires me to be creative, to be different, to break the rules – whatever I need to do to capture them on camera.  I’ve heard the word “comfortable” used a lot to describe my style, and I think I really like that. *What is a must read or must see? Just finished Harry Beckwith’s “The Invisible Touch”, the sequel to “Selling the Invisible” – that guy is brilliant!  *What are your work hours? I’m up every day around 7am (morning person) and work

Mingle with Engle & Jeff LaPlante

Today’s Interview is with Jeff LaPlante of Jeff LaPlante Photography…  *Describe your photography style: I approach weddings as a photojournalist first and foremost. I strive to document the day in an unobtrusive and creative way without posing or interrupting the natural interactions of the couple and their guests. Intermixed with this reportage style I also pre-arrange with my couples a time to create dramatic portraits with more of a fashion look. This includes my day after sessions where we ‘trash the dress’. *What is a must read or must see? Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders. This book changed my outlook on competition, community and the closed loop profession that was photography. Thanks DJ! *What are your work hours? I don’t really have set work

Mingle with Engle & Shari Zellers

Today’s interview is with Shari Zellers of Shari Zellers Photography. *Describe your photography style: It’s hard to know what one’s style is until someone tells you! I’ve been told my style is “natural” and fun with emotional imagery – I like that. *What is a must read or must see? Oh, for us photographers, definitely must read “The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It” by Michael E. Gerber. Can’t say I’ve done everything in the book I need to do but it definitely opened my eyes up! Must see? I constantly watch creative media to see what’s happening out there artistically – movies, tv, commercials. *What are your work hours? Way too many. Working on curtailing that

Mingle with Engle & Will Jacks

Today’s interview is with Will Jacks of Wiljax Photographic Design… *Describe your photography style: Wow. That’s a tough question to answer. And it seems like as soon as I do, it will change. Often it depends on the job. Commercial and editorial work tends to be cleaner. My gallery work is a little less technical — more abstract. And with portrait and wedding work I try to be somewhere in the middle. So I guess the best way to describe my “style” would be multiple personality-ish, laced with a little attention deficit disorder. *What is a must read or must see? Must Read: Rising Tide by John Barry. It is about the Mississippi River flood of 1927 and how it reshaped the United States. I’ve

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The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!
The NEW ShootQ is Complimentary while in Beta mode for the next few months.  Enjoy!